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Joe's Marine Service is a Power-Pole Dealer.

The Ultimate Shallow Water Anchor for Salt Water and Fresh Water Fishing.

With Power-Pole you can quickly and quietly stop your boat with the touch of a button. The Power-Pole will securely hold your boat in up to 8 feet of water — even during high winds and fast currents — without scaring away the fish you're trying to catch.

The Power-Pole works great in both fresh and salt water.

Fishing Benefits


  • Holds your boat* in place with winds up to 30 mph.
  • Anchor deploys in seconds, with no loud splashing to scare away the fish
  • Prevents your boat from drifting while you're re-tying your line.
  • Ideal for sight fishing.
  • Stops your boat EXACTLY where you want to stop.
  • Doesn't muddy up the water or scare fish away like a trolling motor.
  • Holds in gravel, rock, sand, grasslines, oysterbars, sandpockets...
    without damaging sealife or ripping up seagrass!
  • Tough as steel, won't rust - guaranteed.
  • Perfect for fresh water AND salt water fishing!
  • Tough as steel, won't rust.
  • Fish WHERE you want, WHEN you want - you have TOTAL boat control with Power-Pole.
  • Drop it down, Lift it up from anywhere on your boat with just a push of a button.


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